Your Coffee Specialist

Caffè Giusto produces coffee blends sold in special packages for bars and catering activities. Also with our pods and capsules you can enjoy a great coffee at your home or in the office as if you were at the bar.

Caffè Giusto represents a reference reality in the field of Italian roasting: a group of professionals with a passion for the art of coffee characterized by a high level of specialization and background of several years of entrepreneurial experience in the field of roasting.

Our mission is to make the world taste the real aroma of Italian espresso, respecting the Neapolitan school.


Caffè Giusto is on the market with four different production lines:

Vending Line

Coffee beans made with selected types of coffee Robusta and Arabica in various percentages, to give excellent yield and the right balance between sweet and full-bodied.

Capsules Compatible Line

Espresso coffee in capsules compatible with any capsule machines systems. Coffee blends in capsules vary from 50% to 100% Arabica.

Bar Line

The blends of the Bar Line (grains) are both those of Neapolitan espresso coffee with dark roasting and those with an average degree of roasting and 100% Arabica.

Pods Line

Espresso coffee in pods made to ensure the taste and aroma of a good espresso bar. The blends range from Neapolitan Classic espresso to Italian Classic espresso, from 100% Arabica to decaffeinated.