About us


Caffè Giusto is an Italian company specialized in coffee roasting with blends made from careful and scrupulous selections between Arabiche and Robuste, respecting the Neapolitan school and enhancing the Italian roasting tradition.

The company aims to meet all of its consumer’s needs, also thanks to the possibility of creating customized blends.

In the early 90s, the brothers Soccorso and Gerardo Palmieri began their adventure in a factory in Nusco of just 40 square meters, where the roasting and packaging of the first products in the bar segment took place.

The difficulties encountered in this particular market give rise to the idea of producing single-portion espresso coffee (waffles) in the Palmieri brothers. It was 1997 and few entrepreneurs were betting on this sector.

Factories, Shop and Retailers

Currently, the roasting plants are located in Lioni, in the province of Avellino: they cover an area of about 2000 square meters where about thirty people work. Caffè Giusto is also present throughout Italy with about a thousand Coffee Shop customers and also abroad, with our importers: France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, USA and soon Egypt, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Vision and Mission

The Caffè Giusto’s target is to bring the taste of true Italian espresso to the world, prepared in respect of the Neapolitan school.

Our experts carry out accurate and maniacal research of raw materials from Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Vietnam, Cameron, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, and Kenya. After choosing the best raw material we move on to one of the most critical stages of production: the strict control of roasting according to the Neapolitan school. Then, we proceed to mix the various products to obtain the best exclusive blends, from pure Arabica to classic Italian and Neapolitan.

Caffè Giusto has always focused on the innovation of processes and products, thus combining tradition and new technology, so that coffee maintains the taste for maximum satisfaction of the final consumer.

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